Hemoglobin Melanin Skin Lightening Skin Analysis Pigmentation Skin Pigmentation Skin Redness Skin Color Skin Colour Chromameter blood hemoglobin Hemoglobin Oxygen LAB Value reduce melanin in skin Skin Tone Color Skin Lightening Measurement Hb Index Hb Saturation Index Measuring Skin Whiteness Hb So2 Sun Burn Color Hemoglobin Oxygen Index Hemoglobin Saturation Hemoglobin Index Skin Reflectance Sun Tanning Color Melanin Index Skin Analysis Software Reflectance Data Skin Data SM-SA Skin Tone Colour Colorimeter CL400
LAB Values CM-SA Differences of skin colour Skin Colorimeter CL 400 cielab values hemoglobin values hemoglobin value melanin in skin hemoglobin measurement skin melanin hemoglobin concentration hemoglobin standard



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Classic Colorimetric Evaluation Systems
with industry Specific Indices
like Gardner, Iodine, Hazen (APHA),
European Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopeias

The new CM-5: Simple & Versate
Requirements for odor measurements in pharmaceuticals, chemicals

Chroma Meter CR-400/410

Chroma Meter

Highly accurate, multi-functional, and user-friendly, Konica Minolta's new Chroma Meters CR-400 and CR-410 provide support for measurement using just the measuring head.



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