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We produce wide range of products like white, black, Colored and additive Master batches for number of applications.

Mineral Filled Master batches

  • Calcium Carbonate filled master batches for PP woven sacks and all sorts of PE Extrusion.
  • Mineral Filled master batches to be used as fillers and Elastomers in various applications.

Engineering Plastics Master batches:

With changing technologies and consequent demand for new colouring and additive, Binrasheed has a wide range of specially developed masterbatches in the engineering polymer segment which provides excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

PET Master Batches

Binrasheed offers PET based master batches for all of its applications i.e for

  • PET Sheets
  • PET Bottles ( injection & Blow)
  • PET Fibers
This master batch is suitable to withstand high processing temperatures with very good light fastness and colour consistency. These master batches are available in micro granule and controlled granule size.

Additive Masterbatches

Binrasheed has developed a large range of Additive masterbatches to enhance the existing properties of commodity & engineering plastics. This helps in improving the appearance and performance of the end product. Our wide range of additives are,

  • Polymer Processing Aid : used for controlling and eliminating the problem of processing like melt fracture or shark skin effect during extrusion process of LLDPE,PP and all other polymers.
  • Optical Brightner Masterbatch : It suppresses the yellowness of base polymer and gives a glossy surface appearance to the product.
  • Anti Block Masterbatch : Used to prevent the adhesion of film surfaces to each other.
  • Nucleating Masterbatch : Used to Enhance the clarity of Polypropylene product.
  • Mold Release Masterbatch : Prevents parts from sticking to the mould and facilitates their easy removal
  • Anti-Microbial Masterbatch : Used to Kill or suppresses the growth of viruses, bacteria etc.
  • Fragrance Masterbatch : Used to impart desired fragrance to the product.
  • Gloss Masterbatch : Used to Enhance Gloss on the final product.
  • Bio-Degradable Masterbatch : It Gives degradation characteristic in plastic bag.
  • Cling Masterbatch : Increase surface tackiness of LLDPE stretch film and give cling effect.
  • Anti Oxidant Masterbatch : It prevents degradation of plastics against oxidation.
  • Anti Fog : Helps to avoid condensation of humidity in green house film.
  • Anti Gas: Employed as dehumidifying and degassing agent in various application.

Polypropylene BCF, CF Masterbatches

Binrasheed offers masterbatch for polypropylene BCF and CF which exhibits excellent spinning and filter performance with best light fastness properties. These masterbatches Includes all types of color like white, black etc.

Special Effect Masterbatches:

In this range we produce various colors like Florescent color masterbatches, Pearl effect, Metallic effect, Photo Luminescent, thermo and Photo Chromic Masterbatches ( color changing with heat and light respectively), Transparent and Marble/Granite effect Masterbatches.

Polyolefin Masterbatches:

Binrasheed offers a wide range of Polyolefin masterbatches which includes different application like,

  • Injection Moulding: House Hold & Industrial Items, Bathroom Fittings, Appliance components, Outdoor & Indoor Furniture, Industrial Automotive components, Home Crates, Bottle Crates, Battery Casings, Toys, Closures etc.
  • Blow Moulding: Mono and Multi Layer Bottles for Health care, Personal care, Cosmetics, automotive lubricants, Chemicals, Automotive Components etc.
  • Anti Block Masterbatch: Used to prevent the adhesion of film surfaces to each other.
  • Roto Moulding: Multi Layer Water Storage Tanks, Garden Pots & Fencing, Telephone Booths, Garbage Bins etc.
  • PP woven/Non-Woven bags: Cement & Fertiliser bags, Food Packaging and Jumbo Bags.
  • PPRC /PVC Pipes: Availability of all types of colors used in these types of application with excellent properties. i.e Cable Ducting, Drip Irrigation Pipe, Hot & Cold Water Piping
  • Mono - Multi Layer film, BOPP Film: variety of colors available for Garbage Bags, Shopping Bags and other Flexible Packaging applications.

TPR,TPE Masterbatches

Binrasheed offers Masterbatches for TPR and TPE compounds with excellent performance benefits, including mechanical properties, chemical resistance and colourability. The applications include tooth brush and razor grip, bicycle and automotive grip etc.

Engineering Plastics Compounds

These masterbatches effectively produced for such applications where required excellent mechanical and thermal properties i.e for automobiles, other intricate moulding requirements.

PVC Compounds & Masterbatches

Binrasheed also offer PVC Compounds & Masterbatches for Wire & Cable Industry.These compounds and Masterbatches are available in different color like Red, Black and Green etc for wide range of applications such as: Electrical, House wiring, Telecom, Automotive & Electronic applications.

Custom Designed Masterbatches

Binrasheed also provides facility to develop any masterbatch as per Customer’s requirement.

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